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A Ghost Story (of sorts)
Miscelaneous Game Links
Photos and Graphics
Miscelaneous Game Links

Tile set for Mah Jongg VGA - My apologies for losing the original "set"! Email me if you can't make this work!


Bloodshot - My Q3 Skin. Click the pic to download.


Quake The Wall - Tons of Quake wallpapers.

GameSpy 3D - THE Game Server Finder

GameSpy Arcade - Chat, Server Browser and MORE!

GameSpy Daily - Gaming News 24/7

Blues News - All the carnage that's fit to print

Sentient Meat! Not gaming but funny!

"Valiant" a short poem by yours truly. Dead link - text below:

Valiant warrior, he stands alone
The fire of battle has burned thru to bone
Blooded sword gripped tight to the last
His Fate is sealed, the final die is cast

The endgame looms, deaths shadows fall
No thoughts of surrender, he will never crawl
Outnumbered, outgunned, he looks to the sky
As he charges his enemy, he hears the Valkyries cry

With Vallhala before him, It's a good day to die.